Document Uploading Tool (DUT)

Where Data Moves with Ease

Bring scattered content home to a unified platform. Infobuilder’s Document Uploading Tool (DUT) lets you migrate your content from one source to a desired target system, preserving integrity and consistency on migrated documents.

Unlock the Potential of Metadata

Say goodbye to manual tagging and hello to lightning-fast content organization. With our innovative technology, you can effortlessly transform your current metadata to derive new tags. Enjoy a smoother workflow and boost productivity in no time!

Your data's journey, protected every step of the way

Move forward confidently with our safe and secure data migration expertise. Our DUT empowers users to enforce validation rules, convert data into different formats, and ensure security and completeness of migrated data.

Experience the difference today!

Don’t let your content sit idle; make them move in pace with the market. Take charge of your data migration journey today with Infobuilder’s Document Uploading Tool (DUT).

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