Document Indexing Tool (DIT)

Indexing made smarter, search made simpler.

Infobuilder’s Document Indexing Tool (DIT) is a simple yet versatile tool designed specifically for Documentum. Its primary function is to create indices for scanned images, facilitating their direct upload and ensuring their findability within Documentum.

Adding Intelligence to Your Files

Ditch the tedious and repetitive tasks of manual document indexing. Our DIT intelligently derives appropriate tags and attributes based on pre-configured rules, saving you time and reducing human error.

Verifying Data Integrity

Ensure veracity and authenticity of content. Our Document Indexing Tool comes with an innovative Maker-Checker Feature, allowing users to verify and approve the authenticity of content before they are digitally stored.

Experience the difference today!

Experience the power of smarter indexing and simpler search with Infobuilder’s Document Indexing Tool.

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