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Documentum Licensing

As the premier services provider of Documentum in the Philippines, Infobuilder has a proven expertise in enabling Documentum technology that ensures timeliness of delivery, quality of execution and the great customer experience.

DMS Implementation

Infobuilder offers implementation services for OpenText Documentum that is consistently Gartner-recognized solutions such as Content Server, Webtop, D2, Brava, Captiva, InfoArchive, Customer Communications Management, and Asset Operations.

Documentum Local Support

To make sure that your document management system is up and running properly, Infobuilder offers local support services that can investigate root causes and give corresponding resolutions.

Scanning Services

With Infobuilder’s quality document scanning, we can handle the transformation and upload of your physical documents to the cloud so that your data can be accessed by your staff whenever and wherever.

Staff Augmentation

For companies that rely heavily on their document management system in their day-to-day operations, Infobuilder offers Documentum experts as your dedicated resource pool. Our team will handle scanning, indexing, uploading, blueprinting, and DMS consulting.

Health Check

We provide proactive health checks of your system, facilitated by our Documentum Doctors. We review not only your system but also your current requirements, so we can provide a gap assessment if applicable.

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