Achieve new levels of security and compliance.

Centralize KYC documents, daily transaction records, signature cards, e-statements and other banking documents in a unified repository for effortless retrieval of documents and tracking of transactions across multiple branches and locations.

Enabling Digital Transformation

KYC Documents

Consolidate varying KYC content, such as Passports, Birth Certificates, Utility Bills, and more within a centralized repository. Easily locate relevant content via quick keyword search, verify customer profile, identity, and address, and ultimately eliminate redundant KYC submission processes.

Daily Transaction Documents

Capture, track, and store daily transaction documents, such as deposit slips, withdrawals, cash advances, and BIR documents from varying touchpoints into a single repository. Stay on top of your client’s activity and keep records for future use with ease.

Signature Cards

Verify signatures at a glance and enjoy secure banking anywhere. Store signature cards and access the same in any of your branches while limiting access to authorized personnel only. See and compare signature specimens and significantly reduce the risk of fraud in all transactions.


Digitally capture, secure, and organize e-statements in a central hub for convenient and compliant remote access anytime, anywhere. Statements can be archived and selectively retrieved for resending and reprinting requests.

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