Real Estate

Enjoy fast and secure access to critical data tailored to roles, levels, and account assignments.

Achieve team-wide alignment with seamless access to KYC documents, operational, legal, financial, and project specification documents.

Enabling Digital Transformation

Communications Operation

Ensure all documents pass seamlessly between teams for consistent, aligned goals. Capture, preserve, and easily retrieve any type of document – from project updates to memos to minutes of the meetings. Folders come with customizable permissions, allowing speedy yet secure access of content based on role, level, and account assignments.

KYC Documents

Consolidate varying KYC content, such as Passports, Birth Certificates, Utility Bills, and more within a centralized repository. Easily locate relevant content via quick keyword search, verify customer profile, identity, and address, and ultimately eliminate redundant KYC submission processes.

Project Development

Organize, preserve, and make project documents easily accessible throughout the entire development cycle. Maintain a bird’s eye-view over the progress of the construction project, and enable team members to instantly find the right document in any form – from design specifications, excavation developments, building amendments, and more.

Commercial Operations

Stay on top of your commercial operations by making documents easily accessible from a central hub. Keep proof of transactions, starting from payment initiation down to final payment processing, in organized folders and optimize your company’s capacity to operate and monitor activities within the estate.

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