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Helping you digitize information, eliminate paper-based transactions, and engage in environmental conservation.

We strive to save the planet, one organization at a time.

Infobuilder Technologies, Inc. is a leading enterprise content management solutions provider in the Philippines. We aim to help companies digitize their information and contribute to the conservation of trees worldwide by helping them migrate to the cloud, get rid of paper, create end-to-end processes, and master the art of modern work. 

All our technology solutions are rooted in a single ambition: to drive organizations toward a paperless, more sustainable future.

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We are the ultimate go-to when it comes to handling all aspects of content – from creation, storage, utilization, all the way to responsible disposal. Whatever industry you are in, we’re here to pave the way and ensure your data’s value is fully realized!

ECM provider

Infobuilder has been at the forefront of ECM solutions since 2004, making us the longest-running provider in the country. Today, we proudly rank among the Top 25 DMS providers in the Asia Pacific region.


Our extensive domain knowledge spans across diverse sectors including banking, insurance, real estate, power, and beyond. Among our top clients include the largest banks and the biggest insurance companies in the Philippines.

with a vision

At Infobuilder, we build technologies toward a greener legacy. Everything we do is designed to help businesses elimite their paper-based reliance and become a force for environmental progress.

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We Build Technologies Toward A Greener Legacy.

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